Waste Water Treatment Plant – Edgartown, MA

Preferred Mechanical renovated the existing wastewater treatment plant on the grounds of the Martha’s Vineyard airport. The new systems include a direct fired make up air unit, exhaust fans, and a basic control system that handles the ventilation for the treatment area, including an economizer cooling cycle for free cooling in the colder months.

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Martha’s Vineyard ARFF Fire Station – Edgartown, MA

In 2017, the Airport Rescue and Firefighting/Snow Removal Equipment (ARFF/SRE) building, originally built in 1942, was replaced. In addition to massive bays for firefighting and snow-removal equipment — including one plow with a 20-foot-wide sweep for clearing runways — the new building has a command center with runway views and a clear sightline of the control tower, and workspace for airport operations employees who formerly had no desks to call their own.

Preferred Mechanical Services installed a complete variable refrigerant flow system for the new offices. For the garage bays, various pieces of mechanical equipment such as exhaust evacuation systems, infrared heaters, and local exhaust fans were employed to keep the first responders safe and comfortable while on duty.

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