Preferred Mechanical Planned Replacement Program

A harsh reality for a building owner or manager is the gamble of running existing HVAC/R equipment to failure, ultimately resulting in ever-increasing service costs and the anxiety of unexpected system failures, all coupled with upset tenants and building occupants who expect comfort. The wasted cost of unplanned downtime and the negative impact that older and inefficient system have on a bottom line can be dire.

Preferred Mechanical Services is happy to provide a thorough assessment of your building’s HVAC system’s current condition and a plan to protect your HVAC/R investments. A full assessment will capture equipment cost, warranty information, cost and duration of anticipated repairs, as well as plan for the future to maximize existing equipment longevity while minimizing initial capital costs.

With a planned equipment replacement strategy, you can shift your focus from simply day-to-day HVAC/R system survival to energy efficiency, precise comfort control, and many building-wide, cost-saving opportunities.


Preferred Mechanical

Preferred Mechanical