Preferred Mechanical Corrective and Forensic Engineering

Forensic engineering is essentially a process of diagnosing facility problems and providing solutions while considering all the elements within the building. Relevant points of investigations by forensic engineers may include construction defects or ongoing building modifications. The goal, of course, is to identify potential problems found within a structure that can lead to minor comfort complaints such as uneven temperature distribution, through more serious issues such as adverse occupant health due to poor air quality.

One of the most important lessons highlighted by a forensic engineering investigation is the importance of periodic inspection programs that evaluate (and produce detailed reports on) the condition of a building’s HVAC systems. Employing forensic engineering as part of a preventive strategy in order to anticipate problems and implement corrective actions before failures occur is simply a sensible approach to protecting your assets within your commercial property.

• Accident Investigation
• Failure Analysis
• Building Inspections
• Repair Recommendations
• Coordination of On-Site Non-Destructive Testing
• Construction Cost Estimation (Pre and Post Construction)
• Product Liability
• Design/Specification Review
• Review of Applicable Codes, Statutes, and Industry Standards
• Preparation and Evaluation of Technical Merits (Certificate of Merit)


Preferred Mechanical

Preferred Mechanical